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  • 02.17.2014 - NOVELIS PAE, expert in casthouse equipment
    • NOVELIS PAE proposes a broad range of equipment and services for the aluminium conversion industry. Its two main domains of expertise are casting and molten metal treatment.

      With over 50 years of experience, NOVELIS PAE proposes its state-of-the-art technologies:
      • 3CM® continuous strip roll casters,
      • complete DC CASTING stations,
      • AUTOPAK® automation systems,
      • ALPUR® and JETCLEANER® in-line molten metal degassers,
      • PDBF® and CFF filters.

      Its technology has been installed in numerous casthouses worldwide. NOVELIS PAE aluminium specialists can assist each customer with their extensive technical know-how and propose a customized solution, based on proven, operational and reliable processes.

      NOVELIS PAE offers complete, expert services: from engineering studies at the start of a project through to successful completion, including construction, supervision of the installation, commissioning and on-site staff training to ensure on-time start-up of production.

      Remaining attentive to customer needs, the NOVELIS PAE after-sales department is able to give expert advice and rapidly deliver the requested spares and consumables.

      For more information, be sure to visit NOVELIS PAE stand at the METEF exhibition.
      Contact :
  • 02.12.2014 - Tecnoecology at Metalriciclo
    • Tecnoecology srl has been operating in the metals recycling field since 1989 and is now a reference point for many operators in this sector. Severino Grisi, owner and founder of the company, has developed this business by focussing on materials sorting, cutting-edge skills and strict in-process checks thus delivering highly efficient product in full compliance with the market demand. The corporate flagship product is no doubt the Maxi 100 cable stripper, designed to to separate copper or aluminium in the electric cable from the sheath, whether this is plastic, lead or other material with varying thickness.
      Over the years, Tecnoecology has evolved a deep knowledge of shredders and electric cable recycling, experiencing an extremely good response from the market. A major novelty to be displayed at next Metef is the T150 machine (17 kW power) that grinds and separates 150 kg/h of incoming cable. It is comprised of a blade mill for cable grinding, a cell mill for grinded material refining, a separator that splits the metal from the insulating material, and a filter to purify the air used during the transport of material throughout the processing stages.
      "Copper is not an endless resource and we need to think of the next future and recycle this metal as effectively as possible," states the company.
  • 02.11.2014 - Over 70,000 tons of WEEE processed by Ecodom in 2013
    • Over 80% of the 70,400 tons of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) processed by Ecodom (Consorzio Italiano per il Recupero e il Riciclaggio degli Elettrodomestici - Italian Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Household Appliances) in 2013 has been turned into secondary raw material. This is the figure that catches one's eye when reading the data released by Ecodom and relating to its 2013 activity. In particular 43,723 tons of iron, 1,684 tons of aluminium, 1,974 tons of copper and 6,840 tons of plastic were recycled. Moreover, the correct disposal of polluting substances contained in WEEE (such as CFC and HCFC gases) led to a reduction of emissions into the atmosphere equal to 760,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). Data show a slight decline (1.5%) in the total quantity of WEEE managed in 2013 over 2012, a very limited decrease in comparison with the 17% rate reported in 2012. On the other hand, the environmental advantage deriving from Ecodom's activity is outstanding: in addition to the above mentioned reduction of the CO2 released into the atmosphere, secondary raw materials such as iron, aluminium, copper and plastic produced by recycling 70,400 tons of processed household appliances have originated a saving of 73 million kW of electricity in 2013 in comparison with what is needed to produce virgin raw materials.
      Also in terms of logistics, in 2013 Ecodom reported outstanding results: out of 33,000 collections from the recycling units last year, 6 cases only did not respect the timescale of intervention agreed by the clearinghouse (CdC RAEE) and ANCI, with a level exceeding 99.98%.
      At a local level, Lombardy is once again the most virtuous region as for WEEE managed by Ecodom: 13,773 tons of household appliances were processed, 13,378,000 kWh of electricity were saved and 132,000 tons of CO2 were not released into the atmosphere. Tuscany ranks second (7,127 tons of WEEE processed, 6,468,000 kWh of electricity saved and 60,060 tons of CO2 not released into the atmosphere) followed by Emilia Romagna (7,086 tons of WEEE processed, 6,671,000 kWh of electricity saved and 64,340 tons of CO2 not released into the atmosphere). Milan was the most virtuous province with 5,064 tons of WEEE processed, followed by Rome (3,029 tons) and Treviso (2,746 tons).
      "After the steep decline in 2012, the quantity of WEEE processed by Ecodom in 2013 is basically the same" stresses Giorgio Arienti, Ecodom's General Manager. The yearly result derives from two contrasting semesters: the first reporting a drop in quantity by about 16% over the same period in 2012 and the second almost completely making up for this loss thanks to the increase in market share registered by the producers members of Ecodom and to the decrease of the secondary raw material value that made WEEE less attractive for all parties more interested in profit than in environmental protection."
      "We are glad to highlight that, from an environmental point of view, Ecodom's activity has prevented the release of more than 760,000 tons of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere - which is the quantity absorbed in a year by a wood as vast as the province of Lodi - and has generated a 73kWh-power saving, corresponding to the yearly energy consumption of over 60,000 people."
      News flashes about Ecodom's WEEE collection in 2013

      The materials collected by ECODOM in 2013 amount to 0.45% of the Italian total recyclable-waste collection.
      The WEEE managed by ECODOM in 2013 amount to about 32% of the total WEEE collected in Italy.
      The energy saved thanks to ECODOM's WEEE recycling activities in 2013 might:
      - Meet the yearly energy needs of a town of about 60,000 inhabitants
      - Meet the energy needs of the city of Milan (1,262,101 inhabitants) for 13 days.
      Considering that tall trees absorb an average of 45 kg of CO2/year, the CO2 equivalent not released into the atmosphere thanks to ECODOM's appropriate WEEE management in 2013 corresponds to the CO2 absorption by approx. 17 million tall trees (equal to 42,700 hectares, i.e. 427 square km or 1,100 times the Sempione Park in Milan).

      This is the regional ranking based on WEEE managed by Ecodom

      1. Lombardy
      2. Tuscany
      3. Emilia Romagna
      4. Veneto
      5. Piedmont
      6. Sicily
      7. Lazio
      8. Liguria
      9. Sardinia
      10. Campania
      11. Trentino Alto Adige
      12. Puglia
      13. Calabria
      14. Marche
      15. Friuli- Venezia Giulia
      16. Abruzzo
      17. Umbria
      18. Valle d'Aosta
      19. Basilicata
      20. Molise
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